AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 52

Well, this is it. The final week of my year long project.

("Palm reading". Friday 9/12/14. Pen.)

(“Palm reading”. Friday 9/12/14. Pen.)

("Out of my way". Saturday 9/13/14. Pen.)

(“Out of my way”. Saturday 9/13/14. Pen.)

("Eli and Ruth". Sunday 9/14/14. Pen + Colored Pencil.)

(“Eli and Ruth”. Sunday 9/14/14. Pen + Colored Pencil.)

("Dance Costume". Monday 9/15/14. Pen.)

(“Dance Costume”. Monday 9/15/14. Pen.)

("Body Balance". Tuesday 916/14. Pen.)

(“Body Balance”. Tuesday 916/14. Pen.)

("Midnight Snack". Wednesday 9/17/14. Pen.)

(“Midnight Snack”. Wednesday 9/17/14. Pen.)

("Floating". Thursday 9/18/14. Pen.)

(“Floating”. Thursday 9/18/14. Pen.)

("Charge". Friday 9/19/14. Pen.)

(“Charge”. Friday 9/19/14. Pen.)

("Old Man". Saturday 9/21. Pencil.)

(“Old Man”. Saturday 9/21. Pencil.)

("Me." Sunday 9/21/14. Pencil.)

(“Me.” Sunday 9/21/14. Pencil.)


AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 51

("Icarus". Friday 9/5/14. Pen.)

(“Icarus”. Friday 9/5/14. Pen.)

("Egyptian Lovers". Saturday 9/6/14. Pen.)

(“Egyptian Lovers”. Saturday 9/6/14. Pen.)

("Sun". Monday 9/7/14. Pen.)

(“Sun”. Monday 9/7/14. Pen.)

("Snake." Monday 9/8/14. Sharpie.)

(“Snake.” Monday 9/8/14. Sharpie.)

("Font practice." Tuesday 9/9/14. Pen.)

(“Font practice.” Tuesday 9/9/14. Pen.)

("At the field." Wednesday 9/10/14. Pen.)

(“At the field.” Wednesday 9/10/14. Pen.)

("Font practice 2." Thursday 9/11/14. Pen.)

(“Font practice 2.” Thursday 9/11/14. Pen.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 47

("Smoking on a mushroom." Friday 8/8/14. Pencil.)

(“Smoking on a mushroom.” Friday 8/8/14. Pencil.)

("Georgian Dance". Saturday 8/9/14. Sharpie.)

(“Georgian Dance”. Saturday 8/9/14. Sharpie.)

("Hermit".  Sunday 8/10/14. Pen.)

(“Hermit”. Sunday 8/10/14. Pen.)

("Shadow Moon". Monday 8/11/14. Pen.)

(“Shadow Moon”. Monday 8/11/14. Pen.)

("Snake 8". Tuesday 8/12/14. Pen.)

(“Snake 8”. Tuesday 8/12/14. Pen.)

("Abstract Bass". Wednesday 8/13/14. Pen.)

(“Abstract Bass”. Wednesday 8/13/14. Pen.)

("Puffy Bird". Thursday 8/14/14. Pen.)

(“Puffy Bird”. Thursday 8/14/14. Pen.)

Countdown: 4 weeks to go

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 46

Life sometimes can take precedence over other projects, so the next couple of weeks I consider to be less than stellar. But I drew everyday, whether the final result was good or not.

("Tribute". Friday 8/1/14. Pen.)

(“Tribute”. Friday 8/1/14. Pen.)

("Crappy and lazy attempts at cartoon faces." Saturday 8/2/14)

(“Crappy and lazy attempts at cartoon faces.” Saturday 8/2/14)

("Water bending". Sunday 8/3/14. Pen.)

(“Water bending”. Sunday 8/3/14. Pen.)

("Snake Sultan". Monday 8/4/14. Pen.)

(“Snake Sultan”. Monday 8/4/14. Pen.)

("Grump." Tuesday 8/5/14. Sharpie.)

(“Grump.” Tuesday 8/5/14. Sharpie.)

("Pixie". Wednesday 8/6/14. Sharpie.)

(“Pixie”. Wednesday 8/6/14. Sharpie.)

("Demon". Thursday 8/7/14. Pencil.)

(“Demon”. Thursday 8/7/14. Pencil.)

Countdown: 5 weeks to go