AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 50

("Abstract." Friday 8/29/14. Pencil.)

(“Abstract.” Friday 8/29/14. Pencil.)

("Deco Mermaid". Saturday 8/30/14. Pen.)

(“Deco Mermaid”. Saturday 8/30/14. Pen.)

("Asteria". Sunday 8/31/14. Sharpie.)

(“Asteria”. Sunday 8/31/14. Sharpie.)

("Attack". Monday 9/1/14. Pen.)

(“Attack”. Monday 9/1/14. Pen.)

("Diamonds". Tuesday 9/2/14. Pen.)

(“Diamonds”. Tuesday 9/2/14. Pen.)

("Social Anxiety". Wednesday 9/3/14. Pen.)

(“Social Anxiety”. Wednesday 9/3/14. Pen.)

("Don't look." Thursday 9/4/14. Pen.)

(“Don’t look.” Thursday 9/4/14. Pen.)


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