AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 52

Well, this is it. The final week of my year long project.

("Palm reading". Friday 9/12/14. Pen.)

(“Palm reading”. Friday 9/12/14. Pen.)

("Out of my way". Saturday 9/13/14. Pen.)

(“Out of my way”. Saturday 9/13/14. Pen.)

("Eli and Ruth". Sunday 9/14/14. Pen + Colored Pencil.)

(“Eli and Ruth”. Sunday 9/14/14. Pen + Colored Pencil.)

("Dance Costume". Monday 9/15/14. Pen.)

(“Dance Costume”. Monday 9/15/14. Pen.)

("Body Balance". Tuesday 916/14. Pen.)

(“Body Balance”. Tuesday 916/14. Pen.)

("Midnight Snack". Wednesday 9/17/14. Pen.)

(“Midnight Snack”. Wednesday 9/17/14. Pen.)

("Floating". Thursday 9/18/14. Pen.)

(“Floating”. Thursday 9/18/14. Pen.)

("Charge". Friday 9/19/14. Pen.)

(“Charge”. Friday 9/19/14. Pen.)

("Old Man". Saturday 9/21. Pencil.)

(“Old Man”. Saturday 9/21. Pencil.)

("Me." Sunday 9/21/14. Pencil.)

(“Me.” Sunday 9/21/14. Pencil.)


AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 48

("Moe portrait." Friday 8/15/14. Pen.)

(“Moe portrait.” Friday 8/15/14. Pen.)

("Rylan". Saturday 8/16/14. Pen.)

(“Rylan”. Saturday 8/16/14. Pen.)

("Foot Drawing." Sunday 8/17/14. Pencil. Yes. I drew this with my foot.)

(“Foot Drawing.” Sunday 8/17/14. Pencil. Yes. I drew this with my foot.)

("Caterpillar". Monday 8/18/14. Pencil.)

(“Caterpillar”. Monday 8/18/14. Pencil.)

("Left hand drawing." Tuesday 8/19/14. Pencil.)

(“Left hand drawing.” Tuesday 8/19/14. Pencil.)

("Atlas". Wednesday 8/21/14. Pen.)

(“Atlas”. Wednesday 8/20/14. Pen.)

("Young bride." Thursday 8/21/14. Pen.)

(“Young bride.” Thursday 8/21/14. Pen.)

Countdown: 3 weeks to go