AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 44

("Clarke Girl". Friday 7/18/14. Pencil.)

(“Clarke Girl”. Friday 7/18/14. Pencil.)

("Mata Hari". Saturday 7/19/14. Pencil.)

(“Mata Hari”. Saturday 7/19/14. Pencil.)

("Middle Cartoon". Sunday 11/19/14. Pencil.)

(“Middle Cartoon”. Sunday 11/19/14. Pencil.)

("Teenage Line". Monday 7/21/14. Pencil.)

(“Teenage Line”. Monday 7/21/14. Pencil.)

("Captured". Tuesday 7/22/14. Pencil.)

(“Captured”. Tuesday 7/22/14. Pencil.)

("Revenge". Wednesday 7/23/14. Pencil.)

(“Revenge”. Wednesday 7/23/14. Pencil.)

("Peace Offering." Thursday 7/24/14. Pencil.)

(“Peace Offering.” Thursday 7/24/14. Pencil.)

AAD (Art a Day): Week 41

("Makeup idea". Friday 6/27/14. Colored pencil and pen.)

(“Makeup idea”. Friday 6/27/14. Colored pencil and pen.)

("Dark Eyes". Saturday 6/28/14. Pencil.)

(“Dark Eyes”. Saturday 6/28/14. Pencil.)

("Palta". Sunday 6/29/14. Pencil.)

(“Palta”. Sunday 6/29/14. Pencil.)

("Lili". Monday 6/30/14. Pencil.)

(“Lili”. Monday 6/30/14. Pencil.)

("M1". Tuesday 7/1/14. Pencil.)

(“M1”. Tuesday 7/1/14. Pencil.)

("M2". Wednesday 7/2/14. Pencil.)

(“M2”. Wednesday 7/2/14. Pencil.)

("B1". Thursday 7/3/14. Pencil.)

(“B1”. Thursday 7/3/14. Pencil.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 39

("Blowing smoke". Friday 6/13/14. Pencil.)

(“Blowing smoke”. Friday 6/13/14. Pencil.)

("African masks". Saturday 6/14. Pencil.)

(“African masks”. Saturday 6/14. Pencil.)

("Father's Day". Sunday 6/15. Pencil.)

(“Father’s Day”. Sunday 6/15. Pencil.)

("Mask Woman". Monday 6/16. Pencil.)

(“Mask Woman”. Monday 6/16. Pencil.)

("Smoke animals". Tuesday 6/17/14. Pencil.)

(“Smoke animals”. Tuesday 6/17/14. Pencil.)

("Tree block". Wednesday 6/18/14. Pencil.)

(“Tree block”. Wednesday 6/18/14. Pencil.)

("Line Dance". Thursday 6/20. Pencil.)

(“Line Dance”. Thursday 6/20. Pencil.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 32

("Ink Woman". Friday 4/26/14. Pen.)

(“Ink Woman”. Friday 4/26/14. Pen.)

("Ant's Dinner". Saturday 4/27/14. Pen.)

(“Ant’s Dinner”. Saturday 4/27/14. Pen.)

("Searching for a Story". Sunday 4/27/14. Pen.)

(“Searching for a Story”. Sunday 4/27/14. Pen.)

("Character Design". Monday 4/28/14. Pen.)

(“Character Design”. Monday 4/28/14. Pen.)

("Flow". Tuesday 4/29/14. Pen.)

(“Flow”. Tuesday 4/29/14. Pen.)

("Wonky Wolf Spirit." Wednesday 4/30/14. Pen.)

(“Wonky Wolf Spirit.” Wednesday 4/30/14. Pen.)

("Fashion." Thursday 5/1/14. Pen.)

(“Fashion.” Thursday 5/1/14. Pen.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 31

("Bacchus." Friday 4/18/14. Pen.)

(“Bacchus.” Friday 4/18/14. Pen.)

("Aphrodite". Saturday 4/18/14. Pen.)

(“Aphrodite”. Saturday 4/19/14. Pen.)

("Hatred". Sunday 4/19/14. Pen.)

(“Hatred”. Sunday 4/20/14. Pen.)

("Crazy". Monday 4/20/14. Pen.)

(“Crazy”. Monday 4/21/14. Pen.)

("Chesire Swords". Tuesday 4/22/14.)

(“Chesire Swords”. Tuesday 4/22/14.)

("Hunting". Wednesday 4/23/14. Pen.)

(“Hunting”. Wednesday 4/23/14. Pen.)

("Butterfly Woman". Wednesday 4/23/14. Pen and sharpie.)

(“Butterfly Woman”. Thursday 4/24/14. Pen and sharpie.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 27

("Winter fairy". Friday 3/21/14. Pen.)

(“Winter fairy”. Friday 3/21/14. Pen.)

("Tinkerer". Saturday 3/22/14. Pen.)

(“Tinkerer”. Saturday 3/22/14. Pen.)

("Woman". Sunday 3/23/14. Colored Pencil.)

(“Woman”. Sunday 3/23/14. Colored Pencil.)

("Mundus". Monday 3/24/14. Pen.)

(“Mundus”. Monday 3/24/14. Pen.)

("Trapped". Tuesday 3/25/14. Pen.)

(“Trapped”. Tuesday 3/25/14. Pen.)

("Lured". Wednesday 3/26/14. Watercolor.)

(“Lured”. Wednesday 3/26/14. Watercolor.)

("Casting". Thursday 3/27/14. Watercolor.)

(“Casting”. Thursday 3/27/14. Watercolor.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 23

("La Mer". Friday 2/21/14. Pen.)

(“La Mer”. Friday 2/21/14. Pen.)

("Escape". Saturday 2/22/14. Pen and watercolor.)

(“Escape”. Saturday 2/22/14. Pen and watercolor.)

("Acrobats". Sunday 2/23/14. Pen.)

(“Acrobats”. Sunday 2/23/14. Pen.)

("Doodle". Monday 2/24/14. Pen.)

(“Doodle”. Monday 2/24/14. Pen.)

("Meerkat". Tuesday 2/25/14. Pen.)

(“Meerkat”. Tuesday 2/25/14. Pen.)

("Green Man". Wednesday 2/26/14. Pen.)

(“Green Man”. Wednesday 2/26/14. Pen.)

("Shield". Thursday 2/28/14. Pen.)

(“Shield”. Thursday 2/28/14. Pen.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 17

Hey everyone! So I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and not include the time it took to draw the pictures (just because it doesn’t seem relevant anymore). I’ve learned that I cannot, due to my own creative process, other projects, or work, sit down in one setting and draw a picture. That being said, all the pictures still will be drawn in a 24 hour period every day until sometime in September.

If anyone really wants me to include times I will, but for now I think I’ll just write the date and title of my little doodles.

("Tsuchigumo". Friday 1/10/14. Start - 2:05 pm. End - 2:35 pm. Pen.)

(“Tsuchigumo”. Friday 1/10/14. Pen.)

("AD Design". Saturday 1/19/14)

(“AD Design”. Saturday 1/19/14. Sharpie.)

And that makes another notebook full of drawings! Now to book 3…

("Native American Mucha". Sunday 1/12/14. Pen.)

(“Native American Mucha”. Sunday 1/12/14. Pen.)

("Woman on the moon". Monday 1/13/14. Pen.)

(“Woman on the moon”. Monday 1/13/14. Pen.)

("Tribal". Tuesday 1/14/14. Pen.)

(“Tribal”. Tuesday 1/14/14. Pen.)

("Evil Queen". Wednesday 1/15/14. Pen.)

(“Evil Queen”. Wednesday 1/15/14. Pen.)

("Aslan". Thursday 1/16/14. Pen.)

(“Aslan”. Thursday 1/16/14. Pen.)