AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 28

("Vintage". Friday 3/28/14. Pencil.)

(“Vintage”. Friday 3/28/14. Pencil.)

("Silence". Saturday 3/29/14. Pencil.)

(“Silence”. Saturday 3/29/14. Pencil.)

("Amrita". Sunday 3/30/14. Sharpie and pen.)

(“Amrita”. Sunday 3/30/14. Sharpie and pen.)

("Swing". Monday 3/31/14. Pen.)

(“Swing”. Monday 3/31/14. Pen.)

("Birdcage". Tuesday 4/1/14. Pen.)

(“Birdcage”. Tuesday 4/1/14. Pen.)

("Into the woods". Wednesday 4/2/14. Pen.)

(“Into the woods”. Wednesday 4/2/14. Pen.)

("Perfume". Thursday 4/3/14. Pen.)

(“Perfume”. Thursday 4/3/14. Pen.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 26

("Necromancer". Friday 3.14.14)

(“Necromancer”. Friday 3.14.14)

("Ursula".Saturday 3/15/14.)

(“Ursula”.Saturday 3/15/14.)

("Web". Sunday 3/16/14.)

(“Web”. Sunday 3/16/14.)

("Floating Islands". Monday 3/17/14.)

(“Floating Islands”. Monday 3/17/14.)

("Don Quixote". Tuesday 3/13/14.)

(“Don Quixote”. Tuesday 3/13/14.)

("Beyond". Wednesday 3/19/14.)

(“Beyond”. Wednesday 3/19/14.)

("Fire Maiden". Thursday 3/20/14.)

(“Fire Maiden”. Thursday 3/20/14.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 18

("Hooded Figure". Friday 1/17/14. Pen.)

(“Hooded Figure”. Friday 1/17/14. Pen.)

("Dragon". Saturday 1/18/14. Pen.)

(“Dragon”. Saturday 1/18/14. Pen.)

("Scarecrow, anime style". Sunday 1/19/14. Pen. Inspired by Wizard of art by Kajusx.)

(“Scarecrow, anime style”. Sunday 1/19/14. Pen. Inspired by Wizard of art by Kajusx.)

("Ariel". Monday 1/20/14. Pen.)

(“Ariel”. Monday 1/20/14. Pen.)

("Indian Design". Tuesday 1/21/14. Pen.)

(“Indian Design”. Tuesday 1/21/14. Pen.)

("The Grand High Witch". Wednesday 1/22/14. Pen.)

(“The Grand High Witch”. Wednesday 1/22/14. Pen.)

("Death". Thursday 1/23/14. Pen.)

(“Death”. Thursday 1/23/14. Pen.)

AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 17

Hey everyone! So I’ve decided to switch things up a bit and not include the time it took to draw the pictures (just because it doesn’t seem relevant anymore). I’ve learned that I cannot, due to my own creative process, other projects, or work, sit down in one setting and draw a picture. That being said, all the pictures still will be drawn in a 24 hour period every day until sometime in September.

If anyone really wants me to include times I will, but for now I think I’ll just write the date and title of my little doodles.

("Tsuchigumo". Friday 1/10/14. Start - 2:05 pm. End - 2:35 pm. Pen.)

(“Tsuchigumo”. Friday 1/10/14. Pen.)

("AD Design". Saturday 1/19/14)

(“AD Design”. Saturday 1/19/14. Sharpie.)

And that makes another notebook full of drawings! Now to book 3…

("Native American Mucha". Sunday 1/12/14. Pen.)

(“Native American Mucha”. Sunday 1/12/14. Pen.)

("Woman on the moon". Monday 1/13/14. Pen.)

(“Woman on the moon”. Monday 1/13/14. Pen.)

("Tribal". Tuesday 1/14/14. Pen.)

(“Tribal”. Tuesday 1/14/14. Pen.)

("Evil Queen". Wednesday 1/15/14. Pen.)

(“Evil Queen”. Wednesday 1/15/14. Pen.)

("Aslan". Thursday 1/16/14. Pen.)

(“Aslan”. Thursday 1/16/14. Pen.)