AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 31

("Bacchus." Friday 4/18/14. Pen.)

(“Bacchus.” Friday 4/18/14. Pen.)

("Aphrodite". Saturday 4/18/14. Pen.)

(“Aphrodite”. Saturday 4/19/14. Pen.)

("Hatred". Sunday 4/19/14. Pen.)

(“Hatred”. Sunday 4/20/14. Pen.)

("Crazy". Monday 4/20/14. Pen.)

(“Crazy”. Monday 4/21/14. Pen.)

("Chesire Swords". Tuesday 4/22/14.)

(“Chesire Swords”. Tuesday 4/22/14.)

("Hunting". Wednesday 4/23/14. Pen.)

(“Hunting”. Wednesday 4/23/14. Pen.)

("Butterfly Woman". Wednesday 4/23/14. Pen and sharpie.)

(“Butterfly Woman”. Thursday 4/24/14. Pen and sharpie.)


AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 20

Twenty weeks down, thirty two more weeks to go…

This week I discovered the work of Aubrey Beardsley, who I highly recommend you look up. I absolutely adore his style, my favorite piece being his portrayal of Ali Baba.

That being said, this week’s drawings have a definite Art deco inspiration.

("Aphrodite Wine". Friday 1/31/14. Sharpie.)

(“Aphrodite Wine”. Friday 1/31/14. Sharpie.)

("Fashion". Tuesday 2/1/14. Pen.)

(“Fashion”. Saturday 2/1/14. Pen.)

("Moe Cigarette Ad". Sunday 2/2/14. Pen and Sharpie.)

(“Moe Cigarette Ad”. Sunday 2/2/14. Pen and Sharpie.)

("Moe Sign", Monday 2/3/14, Sharpie.)

(“Moe Sign”, Monday 2/3/14, Sharpie.)

("Kitsune", Tuesday 2/4/14. Sharpie.)

(“Kitsune”, Tuesday 2/4/14. Sharpie.)

("Witchcraft". Wednesday 2/5/14. Pen.)

(“Witchcraft”. Wednesday 2/5/14. Pen.)

("Phoenix". Thursday 2/6/14. Colored Pencil and Pen.)

(“Phoenix”. Thursday 2/6/14. Colored Pencil and Pen.)