AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 19

("Towers". Friday 1/24/14. Pen.)

(“Towers”. Friday 1/24/14. Pen.)

("Flowers in Pen". Saturday 1/25/14. Pen.)

(“Flowers in Pen”. Saturday 1/25/14. Pen.)

("Le Tatouage". Sunday 1/26/14. Pen and Sharpie.)

(“Le Tatouage”. Sunday 1/26/14. Pen and Sharpie.)

("Pantheon". Monday 1/27/14. Sharpie.)

(“Pantheon”. Monday 1/27/14. Sharpie.)

("Medusa of Guadalupe". Tuesday 1/28/14. Sharpie.)

(“Medusa of Guadalupe”. Tuesday 1/28/14. Sharpie.)

("Abstract Circles". Wednesday 1/29/14. Sharpie.)

(“Abstract Circles”. Wednesday 1/29/14. Sharpie.)

("Alabaster bones". Thursday 1/30/14. Sharpie.)

(“Alabaster bones”. Thursday 1/30/14. Sharpie.)