AAD (Art a Day Project) : Week 33

("Beach Line Drawing". Friday 5/2/14. Pen.)

(“Beach Line Drawing”. Friday 5/2/14. Pen.)

("Trap". Saturday 5/3/14. Pen.)

(“Trap”. Saturday 5/3/14. Pen.)

("Betrayal". Sunday 5/4/14. Pen.)

(“Betrayal”. Sunday 5/4/14. Pen.)

("Roma Girl". Tuesday 5/5/14. Pen.)

(“Roma Girl”. Monday 5/5/14. Pen.)

("Arthur and Lulu - character sketch". Wednesday 5/6/14. Pen.)

(“Arthur and Lulu – character sketch”. Tuesday 5/6/14. Pen.)

("Decorative". Wednesday 5/7/14. Pen.)

(“Decorative”. Wednesday 5/7/14. Pen.)

("Lulu - character sketch". Thursday 5/8/14. Pencil.)

(“Lulu – character sketch”. Thursday 5/8/14. Pencil.)

La Cartomancie

I’ve been so busy with my Art a Day project I haven’t had a chance to post much finished work, so I thought I’d put this one up.

This is a special piece for a few friends of mine.

The request was for me to draw a Rom Fortune teller.

Lately, I’ve been working with ink, and doing black and white as opposed to a lot of color, so I really got to explore some fine detail work in pen, which I truly enjoyed.

I’m actually thinking about taking this style and turning it into an animation (eventually…)

("La Cartomancie")

(“La Cartomancie”)