AAD (Art a Day Project) : Week 35

("Stars". Friday 5/16/14. Pen.)

(“Stars”. Friday 5/16/14. Pen.)

"Sun and Moon". Saturday 5/17/14. Pen.)

“Sun and Moon”. Saturday 5/17/14. Pen.)

("Mermaid". Sunday 5/18/14. Pencil.)

(“Mermaid”. Sunday 5/18/14. Pencil.)

("Death". Monday 5/19/14. Pen.)

(“Death”. Monday 5/19/14. Pen.)

("Big Foot". Tuesday 5/20/14. Pen.)

(“Big Foot”. Tuesday 5/20/14. Pen.)

("TF". Wednesday 5/21/14. Pen.)

(“TF”. Wednesday 5/21/14. Pen.)

("Backdrop". Thursday 5/22/14. Pencil...this one probably shouldn't count as art, but I was lazy.)

(“Backdrop”. Thursday 5/22/14. Pencil…this one probably shouldn’t count as art, but I was lazy.)