AAD (Art a Day Project): Week 42

("Art Deco Steampunk". Friday 7/4/14. Pencil.)

(“Art Deco Steampunk”. Friday 7/4/14. Pencil.)

("Accordion Player". Saturday 7/5/14. Pencil.)

(“Accordion Player”. Saturday 7/5/14. Pencil.)

("Violin Player". Sunday 7/6/14. Pencil.)

(“Violin Player”. Sunday 7/6/14. Pencil.)

("Peacock". Monday 7/7/14. Pencil.)

(“Peacock”. Monday 7/7/14. Pencil.)

("New shawl." Tuesday 7/8/14. Pencil.)

(“New shawl.” Tuesday 7/8/14. Pencil.)

("Profile". Wednesday 7/9/14. Pencil.)

(“Profile”. Wednesday 7/9/14. Pencil.)

("Dancing". Thursday 7/10/14. Pencil.)

(“Dancing”. Thursday 7/10/14. Pencil.)


And let the countdown begin: Approximately 10 weeks left