A Little Experiment…

A friend of mine started a project a while ago, where she drew a picture every day and then posted her pictures on her facebook page.

I want to do the same. So, for the next year, I will be drawing one or more pictures a day. Some may be small, others may be large. Some are going to turn out really bad and others good.

I’m not necessarily concerned with the overall quality of my artwork, rather what I can produce over a years time to measure my growth. It’s sort of a study of creativity- how creative can a person be when forced to produce something each day, rather than letting inspiration come at random.

I don’t usually draw everyday. But I want to take a writer’s approach. I’ve read that a lot of writers journal, free write, or do some form of writing exercise to keep on top of their skill and to practice. That’s what this project will be-practice.

But I’ll probably need some help. I’m not sure how much imagination one person can have. In fact, seeing as how almost none of my artwork is completely from my own brain (usually it’s inspired by other people or art), I’ll probably be looking for suggestions on what to draw. Feel free to give me suggestions as the year goes on.

This blog will hold me accountable. Each week I’ll post the seven drawings. The rule I’m setting is that they must be finished and signed (although, like I said, I may not find them particularly good). I’ll also post the date that they were finished and how long it took to finish them.

The project starts today (9/21/2013). Next Saturday will be the first seven. Wish me luck! (And if you are a fellow artist and want to join in on the project, please do. It’ll be very interesting I think.)

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